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  • Lomon Corporation Introduction

      Lomon Corporation is a large-scale private enterprise group integrating the development and utilization of phosphorus chemical, titanium chemical, biological chemical and vanadium titanium magnetite, with four industrial bases located in Deyang, Xiangyang, Meishan and Panzhihua.

    Sichuan Lomon Bio Introduction

      Sichuan Lomon Bio Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and it has become the largest manufactory of S-ABA in the world with the annual producing capacity of 50 tons of S-ABA TC and 120 ton of GA3 TC. Furthermore, a wide range of formulated products and new types of fertilizers are developed based on the abundant TC resources. As one of the leading companies producing fermented plant growth regulators, also an initiator and member of China Biostimulants Development Alliance, Lomon Bio has become a company with tremendous strength of scientific research and advanced manufacturing equipment. Now the company has obtained 19 international and domestic patents and meantime the company cooperates closely with famous bio-chemical enterprises, universities and institutes around the globe. Lomon Bio’s products are now supplying to Europe, America, Japan, Australia, India and etc.

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